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   By purchasing the full version, you will get:

exercises to improve calculation skills of your child

exercises to improve memory and attention of your child

logical and combinatorial
How to get access to the full version

   To get access to the full version of interactive math exercises, you need to do 3 easy steps.

     1. You must register on our site, fill in all the fields and click on “Registration” button. The email with activation link will be sent to you.

     2. Log on to your mailbox, open the e-mail and click on the activation link. You will return to our site already as a registered user.

     3. To pay the full access of interactive maths exercises by choosing a convenient type of payment.

   That's all. After payment you will immediately get to full access of interactive math exercises.

1979 children use the full version of programs 

   The cost of full access - $8.
   The number of received scores - 1000.

  Solving the exercises section «Mathematics», your scores are reduced with each outstanding exercise, regardless of the outcome of the decision.
   For one deal exercise removed one scores.
  When you have any scores, you have access to the full version without time limit, i.e., you can get full version of exercises now as well through a month, and through a year - when your child go to the next grade.

Good luck in Mathematics.

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